Looking for domestic flooring?

Start with Dama, the company that combines fantastic flooring with highly qualified engineering.  Only Dama has direct access to TPR Systems Products, the world leader in Thermoplastic Resins.

We provide many options with our concrete and resin floors. We have more experience than anyone else in Reactive Resin Flooring and we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to supplying and installing surfacing solutions for homes. We offer economical alternatives compared to traditional flooring options which complete any unique and contemporary space and we uniquely offer a 15 year guarantee on all our floors.

Sleek and edgy, resin and concrete flooring are fast becoming the flooring of choice for contemporary homes.

Perfect for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms due to their durability and resistance to spills, dirt and stains, concrete and resin floors are versatile flooring options, which can be used in wet areas as well as with underfloor heating. They are ideal for open-plan layouts and different zones will flow easily into one another, while the simplicity of resin and concrete flooring will help create a feeling of space, especially with a glossy or polished finish.

Poured Concrete Flooring

Most polished concrete flooring today is made from a cement-based coating with added polymers, and applied as a ‘screed’ by hand, rather than being poured like a resin. What makes Dama concrete flooring different is our use of fibres bringing enormous strength and durability to your new floor. We can install our flooring on existing substrates, including existing tiles, as long as there is suitable stability, and that it is free of movement and moisture.

Concrete flooring generally has a more natural appearance than resin and comes in a choice of finishes — from smooth and polished to pitted, rugged, brushed and raked, as well as with travertine and stone effects.

Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is poured on site for a perfectly flat finish. It is waterproof and hygienic, as well as anti-slip and low-maintenance, and can be used with most types of underfloor heating. It can be installed on any stable substrate, provided that it is free of movement and moisture. It won’t crack, become loose or peel off over time. Additionally, resin adopts the given room’s ambient temperature, which makes it warm in the winter and cool during summer.  

Resin flooring can be laid in any colour or combination of colours.  We even have a colour picker where you can go to town and select or create every shade in the RAL and NCS colour charts. We also offer options for quartz and decorative flakes, which can be added to the resin.

The glossy finish of a resin or polished concrete floor is a good way of reflecting light around a space and is ideal for garages. 

You can use a concrete or resin floor in any room in the house, and although it may seem like they are only appropriate for modern homes, the variation of colours and textures makes them suitable and practical in any home. They were originally designed for the commercial sector because they are hardwearing, hygienic and low maintenance.

Whichever floor type you select, Dama can help at every stage of your project and with our unique links to TPR Systems we can provide the complete end to end service. Give us a call or get in touch.